Where’s the Merry??? LexGals!!

Marvelous LexGals!!

It is so important to have good friends.  Lucky for me, I have GREAT friends…lovely friends who have been “God-sends” into my life during this incredibly difficult year.  Even when things continue to “hit” in such a way that grief finds my soul, this group knows exactly what I need in order to be centered again.  Actually, it isn’t just ME…it’s all the LexGals loving each other.

Take a look at the above group of women.  There are all sorts of fascinating women in the group…walking miracles of physical endurance, ladies who have lost children, ladies who have suffered loss through a stinging divorce, etc.  In essence, we are just like every other group of people.  However, when folks really care about each other, no matter the season, the LexGals know what is needed and just how much!

So…we had a lovely dinner given as a gift from a LexGal…there was a band of folks our ages who provided entertainment, and all was fine.  Until…it wasn’t.  The leader of the band was a friend of my husband Bill. Before the event started, I thought I recognized him, and I spoke to him…identifying myself as Bill Turner’s wife.  He then began telling me how he loved my husband, and I came out with “Yes…I did, too.”

So…the music began playing, and all was well until they sang “A Christmas Auld Lang Syne“….then I became a mess.  Yes, we know the significance of the New Year’s Eve version, but last year…the last year I experienced Christmas in my marriage to Bill…it was sung as we watched a Christmas special.  Bill sang the “regular” version annually at the neighborhood chili cook-off he created to give our little retirement (for the most part) neighborhood  something to do on December 31.  He would sing heartily in his wonderful baritone voice.


So…what’s my point? Music touches us over and over again in the most emotional ways…ways that bring out tears, grief, joy, and nostalgia.  There is power within our art to rise above the “regular,” and delve deeply into those areas we thought were difficult to reach.  When music reaches its destination, even if there are tears…if we are incredibly lucky, there is a special group like the LexGals with whom we may share its impact and be totally understood. It might be a choir…it might be a church group…it might be family.  Lucky for me…lucky for all…lucky for all the “LexGals” in your world and mine.  Happy Holidays!