Copyright Limitations for Online Publications

All files on this website are copyright protected. When files are purchased from Earlene Rentz Online Publications via this website, the purchaser may make unlimited copies of the purchased choral publications for their choir ensemble to use.  The transfer or sharing of these files with another person or party, electronically or by any other means, is a violation of our copyright and is strictly prohibited.

Recording a Publication

If you are interested in recording a publication owned by Earlene Rentz Online Publications, please contact Earlene Rentz to obtain information regarding our licensing fees and policies. Your desire to use our publications in artistic, creative endeavors is appreciated, and official permissions are required. Thanks so much.

Video Posting Online

Earlene Rentz Online Publications generally considers an uploaded video as advertisement for the company. However, the specific criteria required for such a posting are as follows:

  1. Video products must be of a choral ensemble participating in a live choral performance (no rehearsal or solo performances). It is our desire to allow only the best representations of the company’s products in such uploads.
  2. The following information must be included in the credits or the text box under the video:
    • Performing ensemble
    • Conductor
    • Date of performance
    • Title of EROP publication

Technically, any video appearing on a website without written permission from the publisher is a violation of copyright law.  With the exception of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and You Tube®, any video presentation of music published by Earlene Rentz Online Publications, LLC,  must be approved with written permission from the company.  A licensing fee and additional publication information may be requested for such posting.

If you are unsure of your responsibilities regarding intended use, please contact us at Earlene Rentz for clarification and/or permission to post videos.