Rehearsal Preparation Sheets (Part 3)

I have a couple more things to add to the “how to” list for Rehearsal Preparation Sheets.  Both of these are rhythmic considerations…

9)  Rhythmic Notation – Sequence durations from long to short.  If you have a melodic passage, and the passage consists of 16th notes, you might want to introduce the melodic material as quarter notes first…then as 8th notes…finally, as 16th notes.  You can find this same principle followed in most RPS materials.

10)  Dotted Rhythms – Start with something the student knows, then move toward a new concept. Until the student understands why it “goes that way,” there is little chance of transfer occurring.  We teach for transfer…we teach for independence…that comes with understanding.

So…introduce dotted rhythms first as straight rhythms, usually consisting of quarter and 8th notes.  Use ties to create the new rhythm.  You might need use the word transfer as you learn the music

Thank you for visiting my blog!  I love my work, and I love creating Rehearsal Preparation Sheets!  I hope you will enjoy creating them, too.

There are more ideas to consider in creating these RPS sheets, but…this should get you started.  Other concepts to teach might include:  1)  Difficult Intervals, 2)  Voicing, and 3)  Sequencing the steps (simple to complex).