Morning Has Broken

This traditional Gaelic tune, with lyrics by Eleanor Farjeon, was made popular by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) in the 1970s. It is arranged for an array of voicings for SSATTBB, SATB, SSAA, SSA, and 3-Part Mixed. Visit Earlene Rentz Online Publications, and listen to this popular tune, arranged for voices, piano, and clarinet.

The arrangement was commissioned, and a specific request for clarinet was included. Most of the clarinet passages are ascending, to represent the sunrise.  The clarinet part remains in “C” for rehearsal purposes (you may also use flute or oboe), but the transposed individual clarinet part is free with purchase. The SSATTBB voicing written for a choir with a strong men’s section, as was the case for the commissioning ensemble. However, a “standard” SATB arrangement is also available

For those SSAA ensembles that enjoy a LOW part, the AII part goes down to an “F.” Generally, those are “more mature” high school or adult ensembles, but low altos LIVE for voicings such as this one. Enjoy, AltoII’s!!

Yes…we have an SSA voicing that is equally accessible, but with a bit more unison and two-part passages for the voices.  The Soprano I part goes up to an A, but surely most SSA groups have a few voices that can sing that note successfully on the syllable “morn.” Take a look and listen:

I remember my roots in choral music: I began choral singing in junior high, and I also loved teaching junior high and high school in my professional career. The above SSA voicing and the 3-Part Mixed Voicing is one I would certainly select for my junior high choir, and a clarinet player should be available.  I always love writing 3-Part Mixed music, and I keep the voices in my ear of those middle school and junior  high students I taught years ago.

Enjoy this arrangement!  I loved writing it! I hope you will enjoy it, too!!  Happy February!