Katia Madsen

Dr. Katia MadsenKatia Madsen has been a music educator for over twenty years. Her passions have included studying and researching music teaching effectiveness, preparing prospective teachers to teach in public school music settings and inclusive environments, and working with choirs of all ages. After receiving her Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Music Education degrees from The Florida State University, she was a middle school choir director in Florida and enjoyed teaching over 250 students in her choral program.

Dr. Madsen earned her Ph.D. in Music Education at Louisiana State University. She held previous music education appointments at Syracuse University and Louisiana State University. Katia Madsen has presented her research in choral conducting and music teaching effectiveness nationally and internationally. She has multiple publications in premier research journals in music education, including the Journal of Research in Music Education and the International Journal of Music Education.

Madsen has previously served her profession as Chair of the Learning and Development Research Interest Group for the National Association for Music Education and as an editorial board member for the Journal of Music Teacher Education. She has taught undergraduate courses in general methods, choral methods, choral literature, and vocal techniques. She particularly enjoyed teaching graduate courses that focused on working with students with disabilities in inclusive music environments.

For many years, Dr. Madsen created partnerships with community schools, coordinated state-wide vocal music events, and directed elementary, middle school, and high school honor choirs. As former director of the LSU Women’s Chorus, she provided a space where young women across campus could experience the joy of singing.

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