A show! A show!

Saturday was so special.  I heard a wonderful rehearsal by the UK Opera Theater and Friends from the University of Kentucky for the annual Alltech Celebration of Song at Victorian Square in Lexington.  I was there because the group was performing my new arrangement entitled Silent Night, Alleluia that I had written for SATB choir and orchestra (coming soon to the website!).  Dr. Everett McCorvey was the director of the group, and is a master of communicating love and joy of music to all around him…not to mention they were some of the best individual voices I have ever heard in one event.

I was thrilled to have the group sing one of my pieces, but the thing I noticed most about these students was the fact that they were totally filled with joy to be there performing.  I truly do not think I have ever seen students so involved in their work.  I was happy to know that these students had chosen a future profession wisely, as they seem to adore performing.

I also noticed that everyone else who was there in a musical or a technical role was totally focused on making it work…making everything work.  There was joy in the administrative aspect…joy in the mechanical…joy in everything.

Sunday evening, the audience arrived…the same thing happened!  All of the positive things mentioned above were transferred to the audience…an audience that sang their socks off…and totally loved it!  For a moment in time, my “less than terrific” voice became “one” with theirs in the performing of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!Jingle Bells…O Come, All Ye Faithful, and many other beautiful carols.  I felt as if I happened to actually be one of those beautiful voices for the moment.  I sounded great (because their voices were so strong), and realized they had invited me into their artistic world for just a moment…and I understood their joy more than ever!  It was truly a transforming moment.

So…on the way out, Everett, said, “So…what’s for next year?”  And you know what?  I immediately began thinking in those directions.  No wonder those students just love him!!  He knows exactly how to get more…and more…and more music out of all of us!!