Music Purchase

Am I required to have a Paypal® account to make a purchase?

It is not required. You may use either your credit card or Paypal® account to purchase.  For more information, see the Paypal® website.


Do you collect sales tax on purchases?

Only in the state of Kentucky. Kentucky customers pay 6% sales tax on all purchases. We do not collect sales tax for other states or countries.


My school purchases are tax-exempt. What do I need to do?

Kentucky Residents:

Send your Sales Tax Exemption Number, a copy of your institution’s Letter of Exemption, and a completed Purchase Exemption Certificate (51A-126) by mail to Earlene Rentz Online Publications, P. O. Box 263, Lancaster, KY 40444, or electronically to Mark “blanket” permission in the upper right hand corner, and the number will be kept on file with Earlene Rentz Online Publications.


School refund policies

Teachers: Check your school district’s refund policies–purchase using a credit card, then obtain a refund from your school district. Ask your school officials how it works in your district.


Will I receive a receipt with my order?

Yes, you will receive a separate email with your invoice ID and a receipt from Paypal®, listing your purchases and payment details. We encourage you to print this and keep it for your records.


How many copies may I make?

If choral directors purchase files from Earlene Rentz Online Publications via this website, the purchaser may make as many copies as desired for as long as the purchaser owns the file. It is a violation of our copyright to make copies for others and/or to share a file with another colleague.

If choral directors purchase from other music dealers, they will purchase octavos for their choir, just as you would from any other publisher. You may not make copies.


What is your policy on returns?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. However, if you download a piece of music, and are not pleased with the product, please do not hesitate to call Earlene at (859) 339-2802, or contact her at to discuss other options.


What is the download file format?

All downloads are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. You can obtain a FREE copy of Acrobat Reader here.


Can I hear the music?

Yes, each choral publication has a descriptive page featuring an MP3 of the piece using choral or simulated voices. Look for the word “Listen” and click the play/pause button.


Can I see the music?

Yes, each choral publication has a description page featuring a “Preview” link. Click on this link and a PDF featuring most of the choral publication will open in a new window. We recommend that you “Listen” to the MP3 while you view the Preview PDF in the separate window so you can listen to the music and follow the score at the same time.


What is a Rehearsal Preparation Sheet (RPS)?

Earlene Rentz developed the Rehearsal Preparation Sheet (RPS) to assist students in learning music more efficiently in rehearsals. Students sing through the RPS before they begin rehearsal on a piece.  Rehearsal Preparation Sheets are available for some choral publications and are free with purchase.


When do you release new music?

Friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for quick notice of new music and special offers!


How can I get more help?

Call Earlene Rentz Online Publications at 859/339-2802 or e-mail, and we will do our best to work with you to find a solution. We want you to enjoy shopping on our website – Your satisfaction is our goal!