Earlene Rentz

Dr. Earlene Rentz published her first of 650 choral octavos in 1994. She is a music educator who found her joy in writing choral music as she was teaching a class in choral arranging. In addition to her current work as a publisher, arranger, and composer, she is a clinician in creating Rehearsal Preparation Sheets (RPS) for use in the classroom. All octavos with EROP have accompanying RPS materials. Dr. Rentz has conducted choral ensembles in district, regional, and state events in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Kentucky.  She is a graduate of the University of Montevallo (BME) and Florida State University (MME, Ph.D. in Music Education).  She is a native of Georgia, and taught choral music for seven years in elementary, junior high, and high schools. She has also taught music education courses in five universities.  Her publications are sold on the EROP and the J. W. Pepper websites.


Book – From Concepts to Concerts: Building Competence in the Choral Classroom (foreword by André J. Thomas)