The Rocky Road to Dublin – TBB

Irish Folk Tune
Arranged by Earlene Rentz
Moderate Difficulty
Free with Purchase: Vocal/Piano/Fiddle Score, Vocal/Piano Score, Piano/Fiddle Accompaniment MP3, Individual Fiddle Part, Rehearsal Preparation Sheet, Individual Voice Parts MP3s
Also available: TTB, TTBB, and TB
Duration 2:20

Your students will love this robust, rowdy Irish folk song about a man who set out for Dublin to make a new life. He ran into some trouble, but he sang along the way, and that kept him encouraged. A song for today’s world. Sing! Accompanied by fiddle, feel free to add a hand drum playing “brushed” 8th notes for each measure, with a single beat on each final beat of the measure. The entire piece is in mixed meter, and it is great fun. Your men will become familiar with 6/8, 9/8, and 12/8 measures…just like the Irish sing it! There are words, words, words in this folk song. I have changed the “drinking” lyrics to a “singing” theme, to make it more appropriate for the school system. Listen to a great performance of the folk song by the High Kings, at the following link:

Enjoy this delightful folk song, packed with energy and joy.