Sometimes a Light Surprises – SATB

SATB Voices and Piano

Arranged by Earlene Rentz
Lyrics by John Newton (1725-1807)
TUNE: LANCASHIRE by Henry T. Smart (1813-1879)
Moderate Difficulty
Free with Purchase: Rehearsal Preparation Sheet, Accompaniment MP3, Individual Voice Parts MP3s
Duration ca. 4:00

The lyrics for “Sometimes a Light Surprises” are written by John Newton, the same lyricist of “Amazing Grace” fame. Although the lyrics were written more than 200 years ago, our churches and world need the encouragement these lyrics provide. They support the role of singing as a way to connect with a power greater than ourselves through music. I looked at the lyrics, and though I was unable to locate the original hymn version, the LANCASHIRE tune (“Lead On, O King Eternal) came into my head. The construction of the arrangement uses primarily unisons and 2-Part Countermelodies. There are some short homophonic passages, and the entire arrangement is accessible to choirs of limited and advanced musical skills. In addition, your entire congregation can sing when provided with the “new” words, if they are familiar with the LANCASHIRE tune. The entire congregation can sing of the glories of music and the art of singing, as they all experience God’s light together!