La laine des moutons (“The Wool from the Sheep”) – SSA

Wool-from-the-SheepSSA Voices and Piano, with Optional Percussion

Arranged by Earlene Rentz and Suzanne Rita Byrnes
Free with Purchase: Piano and Piano/Percussion Accompaniment MP3s, Optional Percussion Parts (bongo/cabasa/guiro), Pronunciation Guide
Pronunciation Video
Also available: 2-Part, 3-Part Mixed, Unison
Duration 1:47

It’s time for sheep shearing! This arrangement of a French folk song suggests the motions necessary for the spinning and carding of wool. We wash, we card, we spin it, and we wear it. Take a look at videos of wool carding on YouTube™, and see the process for yourself. Optional percussion instruments provide the sounds of carding and spinning, and the result is an impressive performance of sheep shearing fun! For accuracy in singing the French language, we have provided a video of native French-Canadian Suzanne Rita Byrnes, pronouncing and singing the text. A fun piece! A beautiful language!