Farmstead Life – 2 Part

Farmstead Life2-Part Voices and Piano

Music and Lyrics by Katia Madsen
Edited by Earlene Rentz
Moderate Difficulty
Free with Purchase: Piano Accompaniment MP3, Individual Voice Part MP3s
Also available: SSA, Unison
Duration 2:20

Farmstead Life is a humorous depiction of family life on the farm. The piece opens with melodic ostinati where Altos and Soprano II voices sing of doing morning chores while Soprano I voices complain about the rooster’s cry. Melodies and countermelodies are used to describe the family’s cow, hog, and mule. Grandpa Joe and Grandma Gayle round out the family fun. Farmstead Life joins our lives and moves toward a joyful conclusion. A dynamic closer for your concert program!