Cell Phone Ringtone – Unison

Words and Music by Earlene Rentz
Light Concert
Easy, with lots of Unison
Also Available: 3-Part Mixed, 2-Part
Free with Purchase: Piano Accompaniment MP3, Rehearsal Preparation Sheet, Individual Voice Parts MP3s, High/Medium/Low Solo Voice parts, High/Medium/Low Solo Voice Accompaniment MP3s
Video of Earlene Rentz discussing performance possibilities and crafting of this setting: https://youtu.be/sXLNymtDROw
Duration ca. 3:30 (Variable)

Safety procedures in the pandemic have required many school systems to enforce a “no singing” policy. Teachers have been absolutely brilliant with exploring creative ways to bring music into their choral rehearsals. One of the ways music might be present in the classroom is in personal cell phones owned by students….no disinfecting necessary.

This energetic, happy composition is heavy on unisons, and is meant to create improvisation fun with students and their cell phones. The length of this piece is variable, depending on how much student creativity teachers choose. If students may not sing in class, students can make it a “speech choir” performance, going to their cell phone ringtones in the second half of the piece. If you don’t want to use the cell phones, you can just sing about cell phones and cut to the end without actually playing the ringtones. It’s all good! Enjoy!