Cascade Brilliance – SSA

SSA Voices and Piano

Words by Wanetta Hill
Music by Earlene Rentz
Moderate Difficulty
Free with Purchase: Accompaniment MP3, Individual Voice Parts MP3s, and Rehearsal Preparation Sheet
Also available: 2-Part
Duration ca. 2:38
For additional insight:

Stargazers have experienced the love and spiritual connection with the sky for centuries. “Reach for the stars!” Looking at the sky, the stars give inspiration to those passionate about nature and the need to “know.” If fortune is ours, on a starry night, we might see shooting stars in a bright cascade across the sky. In this octavo, the melody rises and cascades downward, at times departing from a regular 6/8 meter to the “hemiola-like” feeling of 3/4 at times. There are lots of unison passages, and harmonies appear when countermelodies of independent lines and imitation occur in accompanying voices, moving toward beautiful harmonic movement at the end.