Best of Friends – TBB

TBB Voices and Piano
Words and Music by Andy Meginniss
Adapted and Arranged by Earlene Rentz
Folk style
Easy to Moderate
Free with Purchase: Accompaniment MP3, Individual Voice Parts MP3s, and Rehearsal Preparation Sheet
Also available: Unison, 2-Part, 3-Part Mixed, TB, TTB
Video for additional insight:
Duration ca. 3:00

Andy Meginniss is a member of the Alabama Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame (2012), and
is a founding member of the Alabama bluegrass group Three on a String. He has been performing in bluegrass groups since 1972, and “Best of Friends” is their closing number in concerts. During the pandemic, students missed their friends terribly, and we all found a new appreciation for our friends who fill our lives with laughter, joy, and a sense of belonging, as we make music together. When your students sing this concert closer, they can leave knowing they have been among friends in their choirs and audiences. “We know even best of friends must sometimes be apart, but we’ll always keep your memory in our heart.” Listen to Andy Meginniss sing “Best of Friends” in the following audio example; then listen to the choral version. Guitar chords are provided for student guitarists to accompany the choir in addition to the piano.




Sung by Andy Meginniss: