Ajuba! Ajuba! 3-Part Mixed

Ajuba3-Part Mixed Voices and Piano, with Optional Percussion

Music by Earlene Rentz
Swahili text collected by Wanetta Hill
Easy-Moderate Difficulty
Free with Purchase: Piano and Optional Percussion Accompaniment MP3s, Optional Percussion Parts (Conga, Bongo, Claves, Shaker), Body Movements and Translations, Pronunciation Guide
Also available: Unison, 2-Part, SSA, SAB
Duration 2:15

Get ready to have a great time at your next concert! Ajuba! Ajuba! (Wonderful! Wonderful!) creates a festive atmosphere for the audience and can bring them to their feet at the end. Students will have a wonderful time singing, playing, and moving as they perform this Swahili text, translated within the piece. Include as much percussion and movement as you choose. Enjoy!


Listen: Piano and Voice
Piano and Percussion